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A Visual Introduction to Deep Learning

36 ratings

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"This is an ideal introduction for people who have limited time but still want to go beyond trivial, hand-waving explanations about the core concepts in deep learning. The book's focus is illustrations with a minimal amount of text. The illustrations are clear, crisp, and accurate. Moreover, they perfectly balance the text. Many books are too verbose. Some are too terse. Here, Meor strikes the perfect balance -- enough text to explain the little the illustrations don't. The book is like a CEO summary of deep learning and serves as a good starting point for people who want an overview before diving in or who simply want an overview to see what the fuss is all about."

Ronald T. Kneusel, Ph.D. (author of Practical Deep Learning: A Python-Based Introduction and Math for Deep Learning)

"I am always on the lookout for effective ways to summarize concepts visually. This book takes an impressive no frills approach for people who want to learn about the underpinnings of neural networks in the most time-effective way possible."

Sebastian Raschka, Ph.D. (author of Python Machine Learning)

"A great book for anyone who wants to understand the concepts, intricacies, and applications of neural networks. Wonderful graphics, great explanations, highly recommended!"

Luis Serrano, Ph.D. (author of Grokking Machine Learning)

"'A picture is worth a thousand words' - this book lives by it. Meor Amer takes a unique approach to create a graphic guide to deep learning. For anyone out there who doesn't have time or doesn't like code or math, yet wants to understand deep learning, this book is the answer. The illustrations are minimal, crisp and stay with you long after you close the book. This will go a long way to democratize AI."

Anuj Gupta (Head of AI at Vahan, co-author of Practical Natural Language Processing)

Deep learning is the algorithm powering the current renaissance of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And the progress is not showing signs of slowing down. A McKinsey report estimates that by 2030, AI will potentially deliver $13 trillion to the global economy, or 16% of the world's current GDP. This opens up exciting career opportunities in the coming decade.

But deep learning can be quite daunting to learn. With the abundance of learning resources in recent years has emerged another problem—information overload.

This book aims to compress this knowledge and make the subject approachable.

By the end of this book, you will be able to build a visual intuition about deep learning and neural networks.

Who is this for:

  • If you are just beginning your journey in deep learning, or machine learning in general.
  • If you have already got started with deep learning but want to gain further intuition.
  • If you are a leader looking to understand deep learning and AI from first principles.

The contents are designed to help you navigate the various concepts with the least friction:

  • Each of the 235 pages is visual-led and supplemented by concise text.
  • The math is kept to a minimum.
  • The same dataset is used in all chapters so you have the same, consistent reference.
  • The dataset is tabular (not image or text). It is a small and simple dataset so you can 'touch and feel' it and grasp the dynamics more easily.

What the Book Covers

  • First, we'll set the scene by establishing the motivation behind machine learning and deep learning.
  • Then we'll do a deep dive into the inner workings of a feedforward neural network. This is done via four tasks - linear regression, nonlinear regression, binary classification, multiclass classification. These will be demonstrated using tabular data.
  • Finally, we'll take a quick tour of the different variants of a neural network - convolutional, recurrent, and generative - and the different types of data - images, text, etc.

Content Overview

Table of Contents

What the Book Doesn't Cover

  • Mathematical derivations
  • Code examples
  • Further topics such as optimizers, regularization, embeddings, etc.


  • Length: 235 pages
  • Author: Meor Amer

About the Author

My journey into AI began after my son was born with a limb difference. I became interested in machine learning in prosthetics and did an MSc at Imperial College London majoring in neurotechnology.

I'm currently working in the large language models space, helping developers leverage the power of NLP.

I have also worked in the telecoms data analytics industry, where I did solution engineering for clients in over 15 countries.

Above all, I am passionate about education and how we learn. I am currently working on projects that explore ways to create alternative learning experiences using visuals, storytelling, and games.

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One of our most advanced senses is sight. Our eyes alert us to danger, lead us to sustenance, and allow us to enjoy stories. Meor Amer is a master storyteller. In A Visual Introduction to Deep Learning, Meor is our tour guide for a journey of discovery in this amazing field of Artificial Intelligence. His hand-crafted minimalist graphics are accompanied by succinct descriptions where he illuminates the subtle hints in each picture. I enthusiastically recommend this learning resource for AI enthusiasts.

Jack Crawford

This is an amazing visual illustration book on deep learning. It bridges the gap between textual reading and contextual thinking. You can see what you learn. It's like "things coming to life!".

Raj Arun

You have made it really simple.

Sanjay Mahana

You really did a great job in explaining the concepts and reflecting them visually.

Alia Hamwi

Very clear non-technical explanations of deep learning. As AI becomes more prevalent in many businesses, it’s important that leaders understand the first principles.

Emily Ryder Martins

Thanks for the wonderful book.

Sworna Vidhya Mahadevan

You can’t miss anymore the basics of this. Love this book. The visuals help a lot. Meor Amer has produced, for me, the unique foundation overview.

Francisco Toste

Your book is truly great.

Radu Lepadatu

Are you a visual learner and want to build an intuition about deep learning? Here is a good, very easy-to-read book.

Andrew Yaroshevsky

Meor has created a visual intuition about deep learning & neural networks. Learning visually makes it much more interesting and easy.

Varun Madiyal

Excellent book!

Laurent Siksous

I have been looking for this type of formatted approach. A no-risk investment with huge rewards!

Louis Girardin

The book is simplified, very easy-to-read and suitable for visual learners like me. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn the fundamentals of deep learning.

Ilias Papastratis

I am a big believer that a picture is worth a thousand words and Meor Amer’s A Visual Introduction to Deep Learning is full of fabulous images. His book has quickly become my go-to resource whenever I need to explain an AI/ML concept to a non-techy. Does someone want to know what a Neural Network is? Then take them step-by-step from neuron to network with simple pictures that build on each other with each progressive page. This book has been invaluable for both demonstrations and for simplifying how I think about these models.

Brandon Coates

It's a work of absolute clarity which is only possible by a master of their craft. Well-done.

Nigel Parsad

Your approach to learning visually is fundamentally different from others out there.

Alexandre Elisé

*** Get 20% OFF. Use discount code: LEARNVISUALLY at the checkout. ***

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A Visual Introduction to Deep Learning

Meor Amer
235 pages


(36 ratings)
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A Visual Introduction to Deep Learning

36 ratings
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